Welcome to Loadz!

Welcome to Loadz!

Welcome to Loadz!Welcome to Loadz!Welcome to Loadz!

About Us


Our Prices Drop Daily!

Saturday  - all bin items are $5

Sunday - all bin items are $4

Monday - all bin items are $3

Tuesday - all bin items are $1

Wednesday - all bin items are 2/$1

One Wednesday of each month we have a 25 cent sale.

During this sale all bin items are 4/$1.

View our Calendar below and watch Facebook for reminders.


Prices in our Front Room drop daily too!

Saturday - all items in the front room are $20

Sunday - all items in the front room are $15

Monday - all items in the front room are $15

Tuesday - all items in the front room are $10

Wednesday - all items in the front room are $5



  • ALL Bin, Bedding, Apparel, and Glassware sales are Final - No returns, No Exchanges.
  • See Return Policy below for more info on Front Room and Stage items.
  • Please check all items, electronics, boxes, etc. before purchase.
  • Do Not open items over the bins. ONLY open items at the testing station.
  • Ask Staff for help when opening boxes.
  • Cash and Card both accepted.

Each week we put out 5,000 to 7,000 bin items! That a lot of product!

Check-it, Test-it, Be Sure it's Complete!


  • ALL items are available to be checked and tested before purchase. 
  • In fact, WE ENCOURAGE IT!
  • Please do not open items over the bins, use our testing station.
  • Ask a store associate for assistance with opening Front Room items, items that need batteries for testing, or items that are taped closed.
  • Please be respectful and repackage the item to completion whether you decide to purchase it or not.
  • If you need assistance, ask a store associate for help.


Return & Exchange Policy


  •  NO Returns, NO Exchanges on Bin items, Bedding, Apparel, or Glassware.
  •  ONLY Front Room, Stage, and Specialty items that CANNOT BE TESTED are subject to the following Exchange policy.
  •  Item, with RECEIPT must be returned within the same sale week as purchased.
  •  Item must have original packaging.
  •  Front Room items are subject to an even exchange for another Front Room item, or a Store Credit.
  •  Stage items and Specialty items are subject to an even exchange when available, or a Store Credit.


We guarantee something for EVERYONE!

While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us or our products, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come. 

We wholesale to flea marketers, peddlers mall booth owners, yard sale enthusiasts, resellers, etc. Contact us about an appointment to view our pallets.



April's Calendar is on it's way!


The May calendar will be ready soon!

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Loadz 4 You

2247 US Highway 127 South, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, United States

(502) 382-5172




Saturday 10am-5pm 

Sunday 11am-4pm

Monday 10am-6pm 

Tuesday 10am-6pm

Wednesday 10am-6pm OR until we SELL OUT!

WHOLESALERS! Make a special appointment with us to view pallets.

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